LOTO Training at VA North Chicago

I. Facilities Requiring LO/TO Procedures

A. Government buildings and plants

B. Any company that services/maintains equipment/energy sources with potentially hazardous energy sources

1. Includes the following:
Electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, compressed gas, water, chemical, gravity, motion, rotation, thermal.

2. Any facility with single-source equipment NOT required to follow LO/TO procedures.

The standard does not cover construction, agriculture, maritime, or electric utilities for the purpose of power generation.

C. Outside Contractors:

1. Kepa can provide the responsible outside contractors' personnel to comply with the OSHA mandated LO/TO standards.

2. Includes policies training, initial review, LOTO equipment installation, on-site training, procedures and supervision of projects, and the required annual audit. Kepa's fixed unit price for each type of the LOTO, and its partnership with nationwide partners such as Brady, allow it to provide the best and timely LOTO service to the most demanding facilities, such as VA North Chicago's recent LOTO project by Kepa.

II. Why Complying with LO/TO Procedures

A. Foremost increases safety for employees:

1. LO controls the start up/release of stored energy to avoid accidents/injury that are related to over 250,000 accidents annually that could be prevented in USA.

2. LOTO non-compliance is related to over 120 fatalities in US each year. The penalty to industries and agencies are getting higher everyday by OSHA.

B. Increases efficiency:
1. Reduces manpower

2. Better equipment maintenance records and reduced services cost.

C. Profit gained with use of automated systems.

III. General Requirements for Kepa to do:

A. Establish a program to implement energy control policies and procedures
1. Periodic inspections of equipment
2. Machine-specific LO procedures required

B. Training for employees
1. Classroom courses by qualified instructors

2. Required for ALL employees both directly and indirectly involved in servicing equipment
a. "Authorized" employees service/maintain equipment
b. "Affected" employees are operators not responsible for maintaining equipment
c. Anyone who may be exposed to hazardous energy

Kepa has a partnership with several national facility service partners and Brady to provide timely LOTO services with fixed unit rate. This ensures that you will get the GSA scheduled price SDVO and 8(a) work performed only by experienced personnel that will guaranty the job is well done.

For any questions, please contact Wenbin Yuan at WYuan@kepasi.com.

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