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Cost Savings Through Energy Reduction

More and more of our customers are finding cost savings from energy reducing initiatives. In a recent conversation with one of our LEED certified customers, the facility Energy Manager stated that their utility bills had been over $6 million per year. One of the projects they completed not long ago was a LED lighting replacement project in one of their main buildings. The Energy Manager stated that their first year savings was more than expected, reducing their consumption by 500,000 kw/hours per year in one building.

I asked him where their greatest saving was as far as return on investment and he stated that most of the projects they were working on were Variable Frequency Drives (VFD’s) on all air handlers and pumps and lighting.

Many customers don’t have the expertise internally to embark on these aggressive endeavors to save energy and reduce waste. Many ask the question, “Where do I start?”

The answer for this question varies by your needs, but most of the time an energy audit is usually the best first step. Energy audits look at historical consumption based on utility bills and identify current processes and potential for future savings. An audit can also help you prioritize projects to maximize your return by starting with the most urgent solutions.

LED Lighting Tech is Worth a Second Look

Through numerous conversations with facility managers we have heard disappointing remarks about LED lighting.

“LED lighting doesn’t look good; LED lighting is too expensive to install, etc.” We recently spent some time with some industry experts who suggest that LED technology has come a long way and is definitely worth a second look.

Joyce Turnbull, Grainger Government Account Manager, states, “Lithonia, Philips, Cooper, and GE are some of the major manufacturers that are providing outstanding LED lighting products. They are providing energy-saving alternatives for fluorescent, incandescent, halogen, metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps and fixtures".

LED fixtures and lamps provide 25-50% wattage savings with up to 60,000 hours rated light. LED fixtures are available in wall-packs, parking lots, roadways, 2x2 and 2x4 troffers. Most major lighting manufacturers offer LED alternates to replace A-19s, MR16, PAR lamps,candelabras, etc.

Eliminating ballasts in fixtures and providing fully-dimmable capabilities are another cost-saving advantage to LED fixtures along with in some cases up to 30% less fixtures for the same lumens. Lightharvesting, occupancy sensors and linking into building automations systems are new technologies that provide even greater energy controls.

See the Difference, Feel the Savings

As you can see in the photo, the LED lighting in the background provides more lumens with as much as 50% less wattage compared to the high efficiency fluorescent in the foreground. LED’s are available in various color spectrums such as warm white, cool white, etc. College of Crystal Lake Maintenance Supervisor (IL), Steven Smith is extremely pleased with the results!

Rebates and Incentives

Nearly every state and utility company has a rebate or incentive program for energy reduction programs. Rebates and incentives are a great way to justify projects from a cost standpoint and in some cases can even provide the funding for implementation. A great site for educating yourself on the programs available is the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency. Visit

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